P.M. Update: Delightful weather through the weekend

WEATHER NEWS: P.M. Update: Delightful weather through the weekend

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Average highs for this time of year are still in the upper 80s, so today’s peak temperatures in the low- and mid-80s were a treat, especially when you factor in the vastly lower humidity levels. Things will be even better Saturday, and Sunday looks pretty good, too.

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Through tonight: Bubbly, fair-weather cumulus clouds of the day will diminish with the lack of daytime heating. Under clear skies, lows will range from the mid-50s in the coolest spots well outside D.C., to the low or mid-60s downtown. Humidity is more or less gone, as far as comfort purposes go. Winds will be from the north at about 5 mph.

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Tomorrow (Saturday): It’s hard to think of a day that is much nicer than the potential for this one. Will it be realized? Good chance. There will be few, if any, clouds, low humidity levels and temperatures around 80 or into the low 80s for highs. Just about perfect. A light north wind will only add to the effect.

Sunday: Clouds will be more numerous than Saturday, but we should still see a good deal of sun throughout the day. High temperatures will be about 80. Rain chances may increase with time, but that risk should mainly or entirely be after sunset. It will be wetter to start the workweek.

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Pollen update: Mold spores are moderate/high. Weed pollen is low/moderate.

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