PM Update: Another seasonably hot day tomorrow

WEATHER NEWS: PM Update: Another seasonably hot day tomorrow

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It hit nearly 90 degrees in the region today, and that will repeat again tomorrow. In another rerun, we should see similar levels of off-and-on clouds, humidity, and low- to mid-90s heat index values (how it feels given the combination of humidity and air temperature).

Dry conditions are likely to persist until tomorrow night, when the next cold front approaches, but a late-day shower or storm is slightly possible.

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Through tonight: Moderate southerly breezes will calm a good deal overnight, and skies will clear a bit as well. Humidity will remain at moderate and palpable levels, with dew points in the 60s. Temperatures will bottom out overnight in the mid-60s, around 70 degrees downtown. A few patches of fog can’t be ruled out.

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Tomorrow (Sunday): High temperatures will again aim for the upper 80s to low 90s. Southerly winds could build a bit later in the day — when there’s also the slightest chance of rain — gusting a couple of times to near 25 mph. Any rain will be a quick sprinkle, shower or even thunderstorm. Nothing too heavy or long-lasting is currently expected. It’s more likely that we don’t see raindrops until the nighttime hours.

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Watching the approach of our next cold front and rain chances

So far any rain chances during Sunday’s daytime hours should stay west of town. Below is a graphic depicting where the approaching cold front, from the Midwest, would be around 8 a.m. Sunday.

Note that the green shading denoting rain chances most likely applies for Sunday night in our region. As we get into Monday, and the front is on top of us, rain chances will go up. (And you may want to tote an umbrella!)

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