WEATHER NEWS: PM Update: Clouds and patchy fog tonight, with sunshine returning Thursday


The arrival of high clouds this afternoon didn’t do much to restrain temperatures. Highs around 70 are 5 to 8 degrees above normal for the date. It’s a good time to be one who enjoys late-season warmth! We’ve got plenty more on the way.

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Through tonight: Clouds continue to float by as a little disturbance along the jet stream shifts offshore. Someone might end up with a sweet sunset. Any passing showers should stay to our south. Some patchy fog may form late at night through dawn, especially near water or in valleys. Temperatures are cool, but hardly so for November. Mid-40s to low 50s should do it for lows in most spots.

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Tomorrow (Thursday): Along with some of that patchy fog, we may still be clearing out some of the higher clouds as the sun rises. Watch for a nice sunrise if you’re up for it. Otherwise, quite a lot like today. Perhaps a bit sunnier. Temperatures are right around 70 for highs as winds out of the east blow around 5 mph.

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Pollen update: Mold spores are low/moderate. Tree and grass pollens are low.

The other side of warmth: As temperatures in our region remain warm, a dip in the jet stream out West is delivering a severe weather threat tomorrow and Friday. On Thursday, the risk is focused on Texas and Oklahoma, where a few powerful storms may roam the prairies. The bigger threat probably comes Friday as damaging winds and the risk for tornadoes becomes relatively widespread.

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