PM Update: Cool tonight ahead of a sunny and mild Friday

WEATHER NEWS: PM Update: Cool tonight ahead of a sunny and mild Friday

Windows-open weather persisted today as we spent a good deal of it in the 70s before reaching highs in the low 80s this afternoon. Humidity ticked up slightly but not really enough to notice it much. A backdoor cold front — one coming from the north or northeast instead of the west — is pushing through, sending air in off the ocean. As the cold front sinks farther south, drier air filters back in with time. The end result is a cool night and another beautiful day Friday.

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Through tonight: A fresh push of autumnal air will deliver the region one of the coolest nights in a while. Skies will be mainly clear throughout as a north breeze blows. There’s a good chance everyone will get into the 50s. If D.C. does, it will be the first time in almost three months.

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Tomorrow (Friday): It will be another day full of sunshine and lacking humidity. The main question from here might be if it will get another 10/10 on the daily digit. Highs again will mainly be in the lower 80s. Winds will be light and variable.

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Pollen update: Mold spores are moderate/high, as is weed pollen. Tree and grass pollen are both running moderate.

A little chilly: The last time Washington made it into the 50s was June 20, when it reached 58. You have to go back to May 25 for lower than that. The average for the city’s first night in the 50s in the fall is Sept. 8.

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