PM Update: Mild for Halloween, with showers threatening late

WEATHER NEWS: PM Update: Mild for Halloween, with showers threatening late


It’s hard to believe that we are nearly done with October, but here we are. It’s been a mild end to the month and that trend will continue as we head into Halloween. Trick-or-treaters and their parents will have to make sure to pack an umbrella with them, as rain showers will be threatening to make this year’s festivities a bit wet. I still think most of the trick-or-treating period will remain dry as the “steady” precipitation should hold off until the late evening hours.

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Through Tonight: Clouds will continue to build in this evening, leading to overcast skies overnight. Temperatures will be rather mild, with D.C. proper unlikely to fall below 50 degrees. Outside of the city, temperatures should settle in the upper 40s. Winds will be light out of the south.

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Tomorrow (Monday): Clouds will hang around for much of Monday, but a generous south wind should still push temperatures into the upper 60s. Shower chances will increase as we head toward sunset, but most of the trick-or-treating period should remain dry. Temperatures will be warm tomorrow night, with lows in the mid- to upper 50s.

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Europe is baking: It’s been an exceptionally warm month in Europe, which is perhaps not such a bad thing considering the squeeze on the flow of natural gas from Russia. Ironically, this might end up being a year in which residents of Europe are hoping for some warming effects of climate change.

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