PM Update: More 90s and humidity Wednesday. We’re just getting started.

WEATHER NEWS: PM Update: More 90s and humidity Wednesday. We’re just getting started.


Once we got rid of morning clouds, temperatures soared toward 90 in the afternoon. On the bright side, humidity was down somewhat. Still, heat indexes into the 90s were common and that means lots of sweat. We’re still just getting started with this bout of heat. Wednesday delivers even hotter conditions.

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Through Tonight: An isolated shower or storm is possible this evening, mainly south of the city. Otherwise, skies will be mostly clear through the night. Humidity again will help keep temperatures from dipping too far. Lows will largely be in a near-70 to mid-70s range. Winds will blow lightly from the west.

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Tomorrow (Wednesday): Sunshine will dominate from morning until sunset. Temperatures will reach the low to mid-90s for highs. There’s perhaps a very slight chance of a pop-up storm in the afternoon. Winds will be from the south around 5 to 10 mph.

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Blast furnace: Signs are growing that we may reach or surpass 100 degrees late this week or early next week. The city has not hit 100 since August 2016, which is the sixth-longest streak on record without reaching that mark. Notably, 2016 was also running on the low side for 90-degree days to date, but it finished with 58 such days, including the three 100s in August.

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