WEATHER NEWS: PM Update: New Year’s Eve showers pester, but most of the long weekend is nice


Temperatures soared into the mid-60s today. It was the warmest day in more than a month, and it felt way different than last week as an unfriendly wind was blowing extreme cold into the area. We’ll stay on the warm side through the weekend, but there is a rainy bump in the road tomorrow. Not the greatest timing for New Year’s festivities, but it could be worse.

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Through Tonight: Some thin high clouds this evening tend to thicken and lower overnight. The cloud blanket helps keep lows from getting below the mid-40s in most spots.

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New Year’s Eve (Saturday): Clouds in the morning could deliver a few showers by midday. Showers and a period of light to occasionally moderate rain become more likely during the afternoon. Before rain takes over, highs reach the mid-50s to near 60.

The most consistent activity is probably in the late afternoon into early evening, then tapering off in the late evening. Rainfall totals are mainly in a quarter-inch zone, with some locations, mainly south and east, reaching a half-inch or a bit more. Temperatures are cooperative, with midnight readings only in a 50- to 55-degree range, on their way to lows in the mid-40s to around 50.

New Year’s Day (Sunday): We could see some clouds around in the morning. If so, they’re probably out of here pretty quickly. Highs are right around 60. Winds are from the northwest around 5 to 10 mph.

Monday: As warm and moist air surges northward, some clouds will likely float by. We should stay dry, as highs reach 60 or into the low 60s.

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