PM Update: Occasional showers through Friday

WEATHER NEWS: PM Update: Occasional showers through Friday

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Numerous clouds on Thursday didn’t do too much to hold temperatures back. Highs reached the low and mid-70s before some showers popped up in the afternoon. Those showers are spotty, light, and generally quick-hitting. We’ll see more of the same tonight and Friday.

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Through tonight: Scattered light showers will continue this evening and at times through the night. Temperatures will dip to around 60 or into the low 60s for lows. Winds will be out of the northeast around 5 mph to 10 mph.

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Tomorrow (Friday): We will be in a similar pattern through Friday as periodic showers blow by. Most activity will be light and relatively quick, but a few storms could form in the afternoon. Highs will be near 70 or into the low 70s. Winds will be from the east around 5 mph to 10 mph.

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Pollen update: Tree pollen is high at 352.72 grains per cubic meter. Grass pollen is high at 30.67 grains.

There’s dry. Then there’s really dry. In the midst of wildfires in the region, Santa Rosa, N.M., recorded a temperature of 83 with a dew point of -22 Thursday afternoon. That 105-degree “dew point depression” led to 1 percent relative humidity.

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