PM Update: Occasional showers turn steadier late night, last into Tuesday

WEATHER NEWS: PM Update: Occasional showers turn steadier late night, last into Tuesday

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Temperatures were down quite a bit compared with the weekend. Highs in the low and mid-70s were a little below normal for the date, but much closer to typical than what we’ve been seeing. Heading into tomorrow, we will see the cool side of the coin really take over. Some spots will be 30 degrees chillier than they were over the weekend on Tuesday afternoon!

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Through Tonight: Showers will work their way in from the southwest heading into evening. For the most part, heavier activity will tend to hold off until later at night. Rain could be occasionally moderate to heavy after midnight and into the predawn, especially south of the city. Lows will settle mainly in the mid- and upper 50s. Winds will turn to come from the northeast with time, blowing around five to 10 mph.

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Tomorrow (Tuesday): The heaviest rain is likely to occur early in the day and favor areas from the city and south. North, it may be mainly done after sunrise. Afternoon activity should be lighter and generally waning. When it’s done, about an inch or more would probably have fallen across southern parts of the area. With plenty of rain and clouds around, temperatures will rise only to the mid-60s for highs. Winds will be out of the northeast around 10 mph, with gusts past 20 mph.

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Pollen update: Tree pollen is moderate/high at 81.79 grains per cubic meter of air. Grass pollen is high at 22.36 grains per cubic meter. Mold spores are high at 13,745 spores per cubic meter.

Rain: With 1.5 inches of rain falling Sunday in Washington, the monthly tally is up to 5.69 inches, or about 2.9 inches above normal to date. If the month stopped after yesterday was done, the 5.69 inches would make for the 20th wettest May on record. We will undoubtedly climb higher with more than a week to go.

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