PM Update: Record temperatures around 100 degrees tomorrow with ample humidity

WEATHER NEWS: PM Update: Record temperatures around 100 degrees tomorrow with ample humidity


* Heat advisory Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. | Code Orange air quality possible again tomorrow *

The hottest weekend of the summer is underway. Continue to minimize strenuous outdoor activities into tomorrow. Mindful hydration with some electrolytes is a good idea, too. Air conditioning remains important when low temperatures struggle to drop below 80 degrees. That’s when heat turns dangerous, so please check on your friends and neighbors, especially if they are elderly and do not have air conditioning.

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Through tonight: Storms are possible (and you’d be lucky to get the cool-off!) even into the late evening close to midnight. Otherwise, skies will be mostly clear, with balmy low temperatures in the 70s for all of us.

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Tomorrow (Sunday): The heat index will soar to around 105 degrees, as dew points near 70 degrees at times and the thermometer tops out around 100 degrees. It’s possible we may tie the record high temperature of 101 degrees at Reagan National Airport. Morning sunshine and calm conditions may give way to afternoon clouds and gustier southwesterly breezes. Unfortunately, we only have the slightest chance for a cooling thunderstorm. If we see more cloud cover than currently expected, we may avoid record high temperatures in the region.

Tomorrow night: Low temperatures unable to get below the low 80s downtown should be considered dangerous. Please seek a cooling center if you are unable to find air conditioning. Outside of the Beltway could ease into the mid-70s. Mother Nature has a slight chance of sending us a thunderstorm complex from the northwest to cool us off a bit more, but we’ll watch it if chances increase.

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We’re in the midst of our highest heat index values of the year

Ever wonder when the climatological peak of D.C. discomfort might be each year? Well, it’s now. When combining the hottest high temperatures with some of the most humid conditions of the year, we get the highest heat index values.

Although heat index values above 100 don’t occur that frequently, the bright red colors on the graph show that the most common time of year we see heat index values at or above 100 degrees is midafternoon in mid-to-late July.

You can see things slowly improve again (get a bit less uncomfortable) by mid-August and into September.

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