WEATHER NEWS: PM Update: Showers and clouds decrease. Tomorrow is breezy, dry and warm.


Spotty showers and clouds are exiting the region this evening. Temperatures could rise just a little with late peeks of sunshine, but overall we’re running a couple of degrees cooler than forecast. Tomorrow might be the nicest and warmest day of the week.

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Through tonight: After any final shower and cloud deck moves out, patchy fog may develop later at night. Temperatures are somewhat steady around 40 degrees to mid-40s. West-southwest breezes generally stay under 10 mph.

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Tomorrow (Wednesday): Partly sunny skies, dry conditions, not too windy, and perhaps low 60s in the sunniest, warmest spots. Some locations may see more cloud cover at times, holding back temperatures in the mid- to upper 50s. Fog is possible early, but we see more sunshine with time. A couple of midday west-northwesterly wind gusts near 25 mph are possible.

Breezes are calm as clouds and light rain chances return after midnight, with low temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s.

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January precipitation deficit shouldn’t grow much

Portions of our region are running a moisture deficit from Jan. 1. For areas in yellow on the map below, an inch — perhaps nearly 2 inches — of rainfall is needed to close this short-term gap.

The good news is that moisture is on the way, with a succession of storm systems heading toward the Mid-Atlantic over the next week. At least a half-inch to perhaps over an inch of rain is possible in the wettest spots. By no means do we need to worry about a drought at this time. This shortfall is well timed, outside of growing season.

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