PM Update: Showers end this evening as a cold front passes

WEATHER NEWS: PM Update: Showers end this evening as a cold front passes

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It was another day where clouds proved tough to kick. That, plus a wind off the ocean, meant highs were muted or mostly in a near-70 range. Despite that, humidity has been high enough to make it feel a little muggy out there. A cold front pushing through the area is about to change our weather a bit.

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Through tonight: Showers and any storms will end within an hour or two of sunset. As breezes turn toward the northwest, humidity will come down a bit and temperatures fall to lows in the mid-50s. Skies probably will clear out for much of the night, but clouds may return early Thursday.

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Tomorrow (Thursday): It will be another day where we are battling clouds for much of the time. How long they are thick may hinder temperatures warming too much. Earlier forecasts near 70 seem a little optimistic at the moment, so let’s say 60s for now.

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Pollen update: The latest pollen count, before the rain, was 532.59 grains per cubic meter of air. Grass pollen is moderate. Mold spores are low/moderate.

Rain: Last night, between a half-inch and 2 inches of rain fell. Most spots around here were pretty close to normal for rainfall on the year, but this time of year more always goes to use. Dulles was almost 2 inches below average, which is more similar of western suburbs, so the heavier activity focused on a good spot.

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