PM Update: Showers roll by through tonight, with some thunder possible

WEATHER NEWS: PM Update: Showers roll by through tonight, with some thunder possible

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As long as you weren’t watching the markets, it was a beautiful day. Temperatures reaching the mid-70s are pretty close to normal. Humidity is low. Sunshine has been plentiful, at least until clouds took over this afternoon. All quite ideal for the time of year. Our weather does take a turn tonight, but fortunately it’s a brief one. We’ll be back to sunshine tomorrow. Temperatures also start rising toward our first heat wave of the year.

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Through Tonight: Clouds increase this evening as a quick-hitting storm system approaches the area. Some brief showers are possible this evening. A steadier light to moderate rain becomes a good bet in the hours nearing midnight, especially north of the city. There could be a thunderstorm mixed in as well. It seems the heaviest precipitation will tend to focus over northern Maryland or north. Temperatures fall to within a few degrees either side of 60. Winds are light from the south.

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Tomorrow (Thursday): If you’re up early, there could be a passing shower scurrying out of here. Clouds clear out with time, and we end up mainly sunny during the afternoon. Highs shoot for the mid-80s as humidity returns to early summerlike levels. Winds are from the west around 10 mph, with gusts near 20 mph.

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Pollen update: Tree pollen is high at 443.77 grains per cubic meter of air. Grass pollen is high at 36.42 grains per cubic meter. Mold spores are moderate/high.

Bringin’ the heat: Record highs are in play this weekend across the area. While 90s may happen from Friday through Sunday, it seems Saturday is likely the peak. On that day, Washington is forecast to reach 96. If it reaches that mark, it will be among the hottest days so early in the year here. In addition to breaking daily high temperature records, it would be the hottest temperature in May since 2011.

Saturday records to watch include 95 from 1934 in Washington and 92 in 1996 over at Dulles. Up north, Baltimore is trying for 96, set back in 1934.

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