PM Update: Warm and sunny into tomorrow with a slight break in the wind tonight

WEATHER NEWS: PM Update: Warm and sunny into tomorrow with a slight break in the wind tonight

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How much better can a Saturday get? Breezy, yes, but temperatures in the 70s, with merely partly cloudy skies in the region — wow. Dew points continue to drop as drier air continues to filter in. Super comfortable, I think you’d agree. Expect more of the same tomorrow.

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Through tonight: Have a jacket handy, as temperatures decline noticeably, given the dry air that’s moved in. Low temperatures bottom out in the 50s throughout the region. Northwest winds may gust near 25 mph once or twice in the evening but are set to calm down a bit into the early morning hours. Skies are mainly clear.

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Tomorrow (Father’s Day): Similar in comfort to Saturday despite warmer high temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s because of even drier air (dew points briefly in the 30s?). It’s merely breezy, with northwesterly gusts that should stay below 20 mph. Skies are sunny and the sun is as strong as it gets with the summer solstice approaching — so don’t forget sunscreen!

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What’s causing all this weekend windiness?

Differences in air pressure are trying to balance each other out in the eastern U.S., causing quite a bit of wind for this time of year. We’re stuck in the middle of a battle between high pressure over the Great Lakes, where it’s calm and cool, and low pressure near the Canadian Maritimes.

A reinforcing shot of cooler, drier air arrived this afternoon in the form of a dry cold front from the northwest. Did you notice a slight increase in clouds? That may have been the only giveaway. This should be the final taste of springlike air before heat and humidity increase next week. This air mass will be a memory soon!

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