PM Update: Wednesday will be a little less scorching than today

WEATHER NEWS: PM Update: Wednesday will be a little less scorching than today


Today was the hottest of this stretch as highs reached the mid-90s in most spots. With all the heat and humidity mingling, showers and storms tend to form. We had that this afternoon. Some raindrops persist into evening. Where it doesn’t rain, it still feels rather humid. There’s still another day or so left in this air mass, but tomorrow does offer slight relief in terms of daytime temperatures.

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Through tonight: A few showers and storms dot the area into evening. For the most part, they’re no big deal. One or two could drop a lot of rain, though. Lows range from about 73 to 78. Winds are light from the west.

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Tomorrow (Wednesday): It’s another sultry one, although temperatures are down somewhat compared to today. Bubbling clouds in the day mean showers and thunderstorms are again possible during the afternoon and evening. Some of these could drop flooding rain and deliver strong gusty wind, in addition to producing copious lightning. Before any of that, highs are around 90.

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Pollen update: Mold spores are moderate/high. Other allergens are low.

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